What Does it Mean to Reverse-Age?

Are you somewhere between the ages of 30 and 60? Then you may know the feeling of getting older. When you were young, you probably heard older people like your parents, grandparents and their friends, lamenting that they were getting up there in years. It was probably hard to relate to the mental slowness, aches and pains they spoke of.

Now you’re starting to have that feeling that time is passing more quickly than you might like it to. People in their 20s, who are considered adults, now seem awfully young to you. You’re becoming aware of changes in your body, as well as mental changes, that you seem to have little control over.

You might weigh more. Maybe you feel some stiffness in your joints upon rising. You seem to forget things more easily. And you’re noticing wrinkles, gray hairs, and other hallmarks of aging.

At the time when we start to notice we’re not as young as we used to be is when life suddenly seems more fleeting. Time is running out. It’s not like when we were kids when the days seemed endless and we’d never be those old people.

This is when we go through that phase of life where we try to reverse age. Is this something that humans actually can do? What is reverse aging?

Reverse aging refers to the process of becoming more young at heart, and maybe even physically challenging ourselves to engage in activities that keep us looking and feeling younger

No, we can’t literally turn back time and make ourselves young again. But we can certainly embrace a more youthful, lighthearted, and happy-go-lucky attitude.

Try to think back to your young adult years. These may have felt like your best years. Why? Well, your body probably mostly looked and felt good. It was easy to bounce back from illness, a late night, or perhaps a hangover if you happened to do a little partying.

You could pull an all-nighter and still function reasonably well at work the next day. You could eat what you wanted and not worry about packing on the pounds. You could get away with youthful outfits that showed some skin. And speaking of skin… you glowed back then, didn’t you!

When it comes to the concept of reverse-aging, the truth is that we can’t turn back time. But we can return to a more youthful attitude, and we can start to live in ways that preserve our health and make us look and feel younger.

Ever notice that some people look the best they’ve ever looked in their whole life, at middle age? And they even seem to be having the most fun, enjoying life to the fullest? How can it be?

Middle age can be glorious if you really want to work on “reverse aging” to give yourself the gift of happiness at this second shot at living. It’s a time to let go of hangups, embrace the good in your life, strive for healthy living, and do all of those things you wanted to do but kept putting off, or weren’t ready for.

Middle age is here. It’s time! You’re ready. Let’s dive into the notion of reverse aging, in the quest to get you living your best life yet. Here’s what we’ll strive for in the name of reverse aging:


Embracing a healthier lifestyle overall

  • Feeding our bodies nutritious foods and reducing the amount of sugar, saturated fat and processed foods we consume
  • Doing some form of exercise every day – a minimum of 3 days of cardio each week
  • Letting go of relationships that no longer serve us
  • Assessing our career path and deciding our next move
  • Embracing youthful qualities – optimism, open-mindedness, hopefulness, spontaneity, tolerance, flexible thinking
  • Tacking stock of our personal values and deciding ways we might want to improve ourselves
  • Learning to go with the flow
  • Nurturing our gifts, expanding our interests
  • Communicating authentically

So enjoy your middle age. It’s up to you but you can make it the best time of your life!

One thought on “What Does it Mean to Reverse-Age?

  • January 5, 2022 at 6:10 pm

    Thanks, Interesting article. I’m 76, but still walk & hike regularly, and do weight training with The Perfect Workout every week. I’m convinced that the anti-inflammation/Mediterranean diet is the one for me. So far – great. I don’t need to lose weight, but have some minor health issues that it will help.
    (The Writers In Residence, blogger)


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