4 Proven Practices That Promote Longevity

You may sometimes wonder whether you’re doing all you can health-wise to foster your health and improve your longevity. After all, the main reason we choose a healthy lifestyle is to maintain our health and vitality for as long as we possibly can.

The problem is, there’s so much expert advice out there that 24 hours would not be enough to fit all of the tips and recommendations into your life.

Add to that dozens of theories that claim to promote longevity. Some of them are pretty weird like drinking powdered gold or eating disgusting body parts of various animals. Thankfully, these theories are unproven and are probably more fiction than fact.

So, how can you truly and effectively delay your own aging process? By laying the groundwork of 4 powerful practices. The following 4 practices in themselves are guaranteed to delay the aging process. But they’ll also create a solid foundation for you to add to and build upon.


  1. Spend more time outdoors

Whatever your preferred type of exercise, there are certainly a few activities that you can practice outdoors. Hiking, jogging, cycling or group sports are some suggestions.

 Spending time being active outdoors in nature is the best way to boost overall health and wellbeing. When you think of our modern sedentary lifestyles, we spend most of our day boxed up between four walls, usually under artificial lighting and ventilation. We rarely get enough exposure to fresh air and sunlight or allow the beauty of the outdoors to uplift our spirits. It’s no wonder that so many people age before their time.

Even on non-exercise days, try to get outside and walk or sit in the fresh air and sun. Go to scenic spots in your neighborhood and spend an uplifting hour in the arms of Mother Nature. The feeling is amazing!


  1. Get regular checkups

The dreaded doctor’s appointment! Nobody enjoys going to the doctor, even for a routine checkup. Also, we tend to put it off because we feel fine and have so many other things to do.

Going for regular screenings every 6 months can not only detect underlying issues early on, it can save your life. No matter how healthy you feel, you need to keep those appointments and make sure your family does the same.

Remember, this includes regular dental checkups as well! In fact, oral health is vital, as undetected tooth abscesses and cavities can flood your body with harmful toxins and bacteria and can even affect brain health. In addition, having strong, healthy teeth keeps you looking younger!


  1. De-stress every day

Stress-related diseases are the number one killer in the world. They take a drastic toll on your overall health and cause severe physical deterioration and premature aging.

De-stressing every day needs to be a priority if you’re looking to live a long, active life.

Many people turn to meditation or yoga in order to distress but any relaxing activity or hobby is just as effective. Avoid activities that overstimulate the brain like gaming or scrolling through social media. Instead, engage in something more calming for 15 minutes each day.

A good suggestion is to simply breathe deeply for 5 minutes at intervals during your day. This is an amazing instant stress-buster.


  1. Find your pool of inner peace

Your mental and emotional state plays a big role in delaying the aging process.

Turbulent emotions, a troubled mind and overthinking unbalance your body’s chemicals. This causes the organs and functions to exert extra effort to maintain the balance and can leave you open to all sorts of health issues.

This is why it’s important to find inner peace and to create a haven where you are always sure to find calm and tranquility.

Again, meditation is an excellent tool for developing a wealth of positive and soothing emotions. Likewise, prayer can have the same effect but if you’re not religious, any other spiritual practice that promotes inner calm is great too.



Think of these four practices as your ‘anti-aging armor.’ Not only will they dramatically improve your physical and mental wellbeing now, but they’ll also keep you looking and feeling your best for as long as you live.

Whatever else you do or don’t do health-wise, as long as you consistently practice these strategies, you can’t go wrong.

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